Todd: $100k to blow on the cars of my choice? Six figures to satisfy all my car needs and desires? Huh. Okay. Let’s give this a shot:

1 – A big seven person truck, cause my wife likes trucks and we need a big-roadtrip hauler. Something AWD which can get us, any kids, our friends, our dog, and our gear up a mountain and back again while covered in snow. But these days we’d like it to get double digits in city mpg, and realistically get into the 20s on the highway. And I did say truck, not Mini-van.

So. GMC Acadia. $38,000 gone.

2 – A sports car, cause no self-respecting car geek with money to burn can do without a rear-wheel-drive rocket which hangs onto mountain roads. Reliability would be nice, space would be nice, but neither are requirements. Fast, fun to look at, and even more fun to chuck through the twisties.

Easy. Lotus Elise. Another $38,000 gone.

Leaves me with Twenty-Four grand to play with.

3 – Having covered both of the extremes of motoring, I should probably give a nod to the middle. Instead of a big truck or a tiny sportscar, something four door and “sensible”. A do-it-all car. But for me it still has to do the fun stuff: corners, speed, road-trips, and bounding through bad weather for a ski-day. What to do?

Then it hits me: Mazdaspeed6. AWD Turbo with four real doors and seats. Even a trunk. Goodbye to the rest of my 100k. But hello to “it’s Tuesday which car should I take today?” motoring.

Granted, to get this to work I’m buying a used Elise and Mazda and counting on finding a bit of a deal. But hey, it’s not out of the question. And if I go a couple thousand over even I can find something to ebay and make up the difference!

Tell us about your $100k garage.

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