FILMS – Rent or Own our Biggest Comparisons!

Some ideas are too big for our YouTube channel.

Some comparisons too large for 15-20 minutes.

We’re doing them anyway. And you can own or rent them, in Full-HD.



In our first international trip, Paul and Todd set out for Germany to live the ultimate car-enthusiast road trip.
Join them as they try hot laps of the famous Nurburgring and Spa racetracks in a variety of cars with only their video game experience to guide them. Plus, they investigate the crazy creations of one of Germany’s oldest tuning companies, and chase top speed on the Autobahn. “Pilgrimage” is our biggest and best adventure yet!

The Blu-ray has the full film, with Superior picture and 5.1 Surround Sound not available in the on-line version.  Plus, there’s an uncut, full lap of the ring with our instructor Dominic, calling every turn-in point and braking zone.  Also included is nearly an hour of other car reviews and extras from this shoot which are only available on this disc!


None of the Extras of the Blu-ray, but all of the adventure!



“Mid-Engines & Mountains”

Few attainable mid-engined cars have been made, so in celebration of the Alfa Romeo 4C we put it with its primary rivals, the Porsche Cayman and Lotus Elise, and left Los Angeles for our biggest road-trip and most ambitious film.

“Mid-Engines & Mountains” is an adventure of affordable mid-engined cars, friendship, and the joys of driving. Paul and Todd encounter the mundane and amazing, stopping in small towns and risking full-throttle blasts to pass the time. All in search of amazing roads and great cars worth arguing about.


The Blu-ray has the full film, with Superior picture and 5.1 Surround Sound not available in the on-line version.  Plus, there’s a map feature included, showing all the amazing roads used in the film.  And as a bonus, we’ve included three of our best YouTube films as well!


The full film available as a Streaming Rental or Purchase.


“50 Years of the 911”

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Porsche’s icon, we gathered a dozen variants of the 911 for a nearly 90 minute comparison. This is the Full Length documentary, with more than twice the content shown on the Velocity Channel!

See amazing footage of these cars on incredible roads and join the guys as they discuss the refining of the 911 through the years.


The Blu-ray has over two hours of material, including a GT3 RS 4.0 and interviews with a dozen 911 owners!


None of the Extras of the Blu-ray, but all of the documentary, in HD – Including the GT3 RS 4.0!

More to come!


6 Responses to “FILMS – Rent or Own our Biggest Comparisons!”

  1. Jean-René Boutin says:

    Thanks! They now figure on my wish list! :)

  2. Todd says:

    Sorry about that issue… When it was first posted, we didn’t have all the International Options turned on. It has since been fixed and you can buy the Blu-ray for shipping worldwide. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Jean-René Boutin says:

    Why doesn’t the Blu-Ray available for shipping to Canada? :(

  4. Todd says:

    John! – We’re very pleased to know you found us through the Porsche film, and glad you enjoyed it. (Happy Anniversary, by the way). Yes, please go through our other work and if you like to listen to Podcasts we release a new audio episode every Tuesday called the “Car Debate”. Glad to have you as a viewer and I hope you find more to enjoy!

  5. John Waters says:

    My wife just bought me the 50 years of 911 Bluray for our anniversary. We just finished watching it. As a 993 (96 C4 Cab) owner, I was very impressed with both the dialog and video coverage. Maybe a little too hard on the 964 (you should have had a C2, not a C4), but fair non the less. Your final picks surprised me a little, but I can’t fault them.

    Now I have to go through your other shows to see what I’ve been missing!


  6. Everett McWilliams says:

    After watching the rental twice on you_tube i decided to purchase The Blu-Ray. Well done! Not only am I a Porsche Lover, I also shoot video & all I can say is Bravo, well done!
    When you shoot the followup (Turbo 911s) you have my support site unseen!


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