Every now and then a car comes along which defies categorizing. The Nissan GTR is one of these cars. Too inexpensive and attainable to be a super-exotic, but far too high-performance to be a car for the masses. And yet, here it is.

More to the point, here we are with the keys in hand and a great road to drive. Everyday Driver vs. Godzilla, the genre killer from the orient. The technology in this car is very similar to the Mitsubishi Evo, which we love, but is the GTR worth twice as much? The guys grab this monster by the tail for a wild ride.

Many of you requested we drive this car, and we hope you have as much fun watching as we did driving. And in a few years the prices for a used GTR will drop to the levels of other sportscars. Then you’ll have a decision to make.

Go HD-full screen, and turn it up!

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2 Responses to “Nissan GTR”

  1. Seth Francl says:

    I own a 2011 GTR after watching the review on this car I think they are wrong . This car has an awesome transmission. It will lug around town at 30 mph in 6th gear. You jump on it and it down shifts and goes. Seth

  2. KPKonliner says:

    I’ve driven the 2009 model and couldn’t agree more. I think many Japanese car are being so good that it lacks the challenge in the driving. The engine is too smooth and boring. I think the Corvette offers more fun with RWD and nice V8 noise. It’s not as high tech as the Nissan, but it offers a more organic feel (and nicer sound too). I heard they revised the power delivery to make it more progressive and they made the engine more aggressive, so I think maybe you guys would wanna try the 2010 model.

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